Some of the projects I've worked on in the past and present.


In spring 2020 I taught a course called "Learning Together: Exploring Possibilities for Online Learning Communities. Download the syllabus.

getting unstuck

Over the last few years, one of my main projects with the Creative Computing Lab has been Getting Unstuck, an intermediate computing curriculum for upper elementary grades in Scratch. This project was supported by the National Science Foundation.


From 2016–2022, I was a part of the T550 teaching team. T550 is a course about constructionism at HGSE, led by Karen Brennan.

assessing creativity in computing classrooms

Karen Brennan, Sarah Blum-Smith, Emily Veno, and I interviewed 80 computing K–12 teachers across the U.S. about assessing creative work. In addition to scholarly publications, we developed a practitioner-facing report containing case studies and examples of assessments. This project was supported by a Google CS-ER grant. Read the report.


Raquel Jimenez and I developed and facilitated the Cambridge Creative Citizens Project, a Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Site for high school students to explore the arts and civic engagement through the development of critical computational literacy

Scratch @ VietAID

I designed and taught a Scratch class for 7th-8th graders with teachers in the VietAID summer program.


Started in 2016, Kass Urban-Meade and I developed a giving circle that donates monthly to a rotating list of organizations. To date, we have donated $60,000 to various organizations. Learn more here.

computing for purpose

Cecilé Sadler, Jaleesa Trapp, and I are building a culturally responsive-sustaining computing curriculum to support young people in learning Scratch.Learn more here.

surveillance self-defense

I first experienced codesign as a student in the civic media collaborative design studio, under the guidance of Sasha Costanza-Chock. In that class we collaborated with the Electronic Frontier Foundation on early prototypes of their surveillance self-defense toolkit. Read our design case here.

book a nook

Through a Knight Foundation Prototype grant, Jessica Yurkofsky and I developed prototypes for book a nook, an open-source room reservation system for libraries and community spaces.


Through the Library Test Kitchen, I developed an installation, designed for YA library spaces where readers could record their feelings about a book in the form of a GIF.

this is a book

I used to write a newsletter about trends I saw in YA books.